Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jumping off bridges, playing with lions and eating catipillars: Zambia

I'm back...and with lots of stories to tell.

Just over a month ago, I traveled to Lusaka, Zambia for three and a half weeks to study media, intern at Young & Rubicam/Ogilvy Zambia and, of course, do a little touring. Although the internet connection was almost never in my favor, I was able to pump out four posts during my trip. Click below to read about:

-How PR lessons came full circle in Zambia
-Striking similarities between Zambia and Vietnam
-Music: a connection point between cultures
-My thoughts about "going with the flow" while abroad

We even produced an e-magazine dedicated to our trip (and designed by yours truly). If those don't convince you to grab your bags and head to Africa, check out some of my photos.