Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Whatever you like.."

Two posts in two days! No, I'm not going crazy... I just came across something that I thought was worth sharing. Click here to see why I still believe that America has a promising future. Please still check out my last post "My First PRSuccess" story. I know it looks long and the title is a little bland compared to my previous posts but I think that you just might learn something from it...or if you knew it all already, maybe you have something I can add!
Thanks for stopping by!


Stacy, Tony, Anna and Avary said...

That is great...thanks for sharing!

Kendalyn Schrock said...

this is amazing haha i love it! how did you find it?

Brandy J Photography said...

I am so excited to see, watch, read your journey Heather! You are such an interesting young woman with so much in your future! Thank you for sharing this, I will definitely be checking it out!

huey lewis fan said...

Wonderful posts. I always look forward to reading them. Your parents must (are) very proud of you.